Monday, 7 January 2008

The Treasury has to spend £2.4m to improve its image

The Treasury, always keen to take the knife to the MoD's budget, is currently spending £2.4million per year on improving its image - on new logos, re-branding, marketing and PR staff.

According to The Sun:

  • HM Revenue and Customs spent £390,000 on seven brand management staff plus £750,000 on a marketing team
  • £130,000 was spent on “branding manuals”
  • £400,000 went on seven full-time branding and marketing staff at the Office for National Statistics — an average of £61,000 a head.
  • HM Revenue and Customs spent an estimated £44,000 on a style guide for staff.
  • And the Royal Mint expects to spend £40,000 on staff guidelines for its new corporate identity later this year.
  • The Treasury and its agencies also employ 57 public relations officers, but refused to reveal the overall cost.
That's one hell of a makeover. . . . . but then the Treasury does need it. Oh, and it does control the purse strings, after all.
Link> The Sun: Treasury's £2.4m on 'image'