Sunday, 6 January 2008

Joining the culture club

Although it's 2008 the Army still runs a training course aimed at teaching rank-and-file candidates the social skills required of an officer and a gentleman. The Potential Officer Development course is designed "for talented young soldiers who had spent two to three years as soldiers but were not necessarily prepared for the cultural differences between being a soldier and an officer". It includes trips to see the ballet, theatre and opera, visits to art galleries, lessons on social etiquette, the correct way to hold a teacup and wine tasting.
Hmmm. I thought you just had to dress up in a Nazi uniform and get bladdered.
And what's all this about "cultural differences"? Surely we've been told that, living in a "diverse multi-cultural society", we should be celebrating our cultural differences not trying to paper over them? This sounds a bit like the MoD not following the (nuLabour) party line.
Link> The Observer: Army's new regime of wine and theatre