Tuesday, 29 January 2008

National Veterans Day 2008: Blackpool selected

Blackpool has been selected to host this year's National Veterans Day event though other smaller celebrations will be taking place all around the UK. Veterans Day, June 27th this year, provides an opportunity for the general public to recognise the contribution made by members of the Armed Forces and the debt the Nation owes to them. For the first time this year veterans who served in the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan will also be honoured.
Derek Twigg, Under Secretary of State for Defence and Veterans Minister, said: "The enormous debt that we owe to the veterans who have faithfully served their country over the years should not be forgotten. I am particularly delighted to be able to include those who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan where our outstanding Armed Forces continue to demonstrate their courage and professionalism in bringing peace and stability to these countries.

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