Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Ben Parkinson: MoD agrees higher compensation

Responding to public pressure, particularly to the national campaign led by Diane Dernie the mother of Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson who was severely injured in an IED blast, the Ministry of Defence has now agreed that it will be increasing the lump sum compensation payment to service personnel suffering from multiple injuries.
Under the existing arrangements the lump sum compensation is paid at 100 per cent of the tariff for the first injury with the second and third injuries being discounted to 30 per cent and 15 per cent respectively. The new arrangements, operative from February 8th but back dated to April 2005, mean that 100% payments will be made for each injury up to a maximum of £285,000. The compensation tariffs for individual injuries remain unchanged.
In L/Bdr Parkinson's case the changes will mean that the original lump sum payment of £152,000 will increase to £285,000.
Although this improvement is a step in the right direction it will, according to the Royal British Legion, only benefit about 10 servicemen per year. Lawyers for the injured have said that they will continue to fight for compensation levels similar to those which apply to civilian claims (like the MoD typist who received a lump sum payment of £484,000 for a strained wrist).
The MoD made no mention of any plans to review the JSP765 tariff levels in general and so the the majority of injured servicemen will continue to receive the current abysmal level of compensation.

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