Friday, 9 November 2007

MoD injury compensation levels: compare and contrast

Compensation amounts paid to a soldier injured on active service (MoD: Document JSP 765):
  • Loss of one leg at or above knee (trans-femoral or knee disarticulation). : £57,500
  • Loss of both kidneys or chronic renal failure: £57,500
  • Burns, with deep second degree, third degree, or full thickness burns to the face or face and neck resulting in or expected to result in residual scarring and poor cosmetic results despite treatment and camouflage: £34,500
  • Injury to chest, causing permanent major functional limitation and restriction: £28,750
  • High velocity gun shot wound affecting skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle of the abdomen, chest or limbs: £8,250
Compensation paid to MoD office typist for repetitive strain injury to her thumb from operating PC: £484,000

It is now reported that the MoD Police are even carrying out covert surveillance on injured soldiers in order to find excuses to stop their meagre compensation payments.

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