Friday, 21 December 2007

Parcels43 ....... and not just 4 Christmas!

The free postal service for families of Armed Forces personnel is being extended beyond the Christmas period and will probably last as long as British forces are serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. The costs of continuing the free parcel scheme will be shared between the Royal Mail and the British Forces Post Office.
The morale boosting effect that receiving a parcel from home has on the troops in the frontline was described by Lieutenant Colonel James Swift, CO 2 the Royal Welsh in Basra: "At home, we all appreciate receiving letters, cards and gifts through the mail but on operations such as Iraq, when we are so far away from the people we care for most, it takes on a whole new meaning. The smile that broadens on a face as he or she is handed a letter or a parcel is priceless."
Well done Teresa and all at Parcels43 for being so instrumental in achieving this result!!

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