Wednesday, 12 December 2007

New equipment announced for front line troops

The Prime Minister announced today that the MOD plans to order 150 additional specialist, protected vehicles for Afghanistan. The new vehicles will be called RIDGBACK and will represent a further spend of over £150M on protection for our forces.

The UK's front line forces will also be benefiting from a £43M contract with NITEworks which aims to improve the tactics used by troops operating in theatre particularly in developing techniques to alleviate the threat of IEDs.
Whitehall Pages: NITEworks - MOD contract to support the front line

The RAF's ability to transport heavy equipment and supplies to troops in theatre has been significantly enhanced with the purchase of a sixth C-17 Globemaster transport aircraft. The C-17 can carry the equivalent of three Warrior armoured vehicles, 13 Land Rovers, one Chinook, or three Apache gunships.

Whitehall Pages: RAF get a lift from sixth C-17

The question now is: How soon can this equipment get to the forces on the ground?