Saturday, 19 January 2008

Honour the Brave - medal campaign - EDM 95

The Daily Mirror's Honour The Brave campaign for the awarding of medals to soldiers killed or wounded in battle in Iraq and Afghanistan must surely achieve its goal early in the new year. It now has the backing of the leaders of the main political parties, the service chiefs and the public.
The awarding of a medal is about the Nation showing to servicemen and to the families of servicemen the honour that is simply their due; it is a permanent recognition of the sacrifices that have been made on the Nation's behalf.
A medal is a symbol of pride: the pride which the Nation has for its servicemen and the pride that the servicemen, their families and later generations can take in the work they have done.
What I fail to understand is why there's had to be a campaign in the first place. It should not be needing all this effort; it shouldn't need to be wrangled over in Parliament; it should be automatic. It's been done in previous wars; its not as if its going to cost a lot.
So why the delay? Because staff at the Ministry of Defence are dragging their feet, that's why. Top brass back the campaign but have accused staff of reacting too slowly in implementing the idea. But there again, they've only had five months to consider it at their committee meetings.

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primary sponsor: Kevan Jones MP

"That this House recognises the bravery, dedication and sacrifice of members of the armed forces serving in Afghanistan and Iraq; applauds the Daily Mirror's Honour the Brave campaign; and calls on the Government to ensure that all personnel in the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force killed or wounded in enemy action are awarded a medal."

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