Saturday, 10 November 2007

The Military Covenant: so, the bureaucrats are going to start talking to each other....amazing.

In the wake of the campaign led by the Royal British Legion, the Government has at long last promised to start providing better support to service personnel and their families. Recognising both the Government's past neglect and the current public outcry, the Armed Forces Minister has announced plans to introduce closer inter-departmental working aimed at delivering a more effective and co-ordinated approach to service welfare issues.

So, now the bureaucrats are going to start to talk to each other: well isn't that something! They'll be able to have nice little chats over their tea and bikkies and then publish pious programmes of good intentions on "joined-up, fully integrated service delivery".

What's needed are actual, tangible and sustainable improvements and they're needed now.

As David Cameron has said: "Any government that values our Armed Forces shouldn't sit on it hands and say there's nothing we can do. Instead, it should roll up its sleeves and work day and night to make sure it happens."