Thursday, 18 October 2007

Welcome home, Vikings, and well done!

East Anglian soldiers from 1st Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment have returned home from their latest (and toughest) tour of duty in Afghanistan during which nine members of the Regiment lost their lives and 57 were injured. A fund has been set up in their honour and this will finance a memorial, raise money for the affected families and support those who have been injured.
To donate, make cheques payable to CB 1 R Anglian and send them to Major RC Barrett, Treasurer, 1 R Anglian Afghanistan Memorial Fund, Elizabeth Barracks, Purbright, Surrey GU24 ODT. You can also contribute online at

The Royal Anglians will be marching through Norwich on Thursday 22nd November starting at 2:15 and in Bury St Edmunds on Friday 23rd November - turn out and show your support!