Friday, 12 October 2007

Armed Forces Memorial

The new Armed Forces Memorial has been opened in Alrewas, Staffordshire. This is an excellent memorial to those who have died serving their country since 1945 - it was financed by public subscription. It lists nearly 16,000 names; sadly space has been provided for the addition of the names of those still to come.
Alrewas may be in the middle of the country, however it isn't really easily accessible; surely the nation's capital (Hyde Park, say) would have been more appropriate for such an important national monument? The fund is still short of £1 million; donations can be made on their website (see Links on the right).
Oh... and the BBC managed to get the opening event as the fourth item on its 10 o'clock News - after an american Nobel prize winner, the possible ending of the post strike and an interview with an alleged murder suspect; the event was item 6 on the ITV News. Isn't it good to see how much the major UK TV networks are supporting the UK armed forces?