Thursday, 26 August 2010

Exmoor 30:30 - the ultimate endurance challenge

Hot on the heels of the PARA'S 10 UER (see below) comes The Royal British Legion's Exmoor 30:30 Ultimate Endurance Challenge. Now, Exmoor 30:30 is for the seriously fit: not a mere 10 miles for them, oh no, this is a 30 mile race across tough terrain carrying a 30lb rucksack.

The team race takes place on Saturday 9th October in Exmoor National Park, and with competitors each being asked to raise at least £1,000 for charity, it's a major fundraiser for The Legion and other service charities as well as a personal and a team challenge for those taking part.

The Legion, which provides financial, practical and emotional support to service people past and present and their dependants, is recruiting everyone from office workers to armed forces personnel to take part.

The Exmoor Explorers, who competed on behalf of The Legion, won the inaugural event last year. Team member Peter Govier described the nine hours it took them to complete the route as like “going to hell and back". "It was tough, mentally and physically. We were all fairly fit and knew the area, but the weather was atrocious. The race may be called Exmoor 30:30, but due to circumstances you inevitably end up going further. The Explorers ended up doing 36 miles.”

Russell Thompson OBE, Director of National Events and Fundraising says: “Exmoor 30:30 really is the ultimate challenge and will give civilian participants a taste for the sort of training armed services personnel go through before being sent off to Afghanistan and Iraq. ”

For those wanting to take part, details of the event can be found on their website:
Exmoor 30:30