Thursday, 11 March 2010

Plans for Sandhurst Mega Mosque turned down

With 6,500 local residents lodging objections, Surrey Heath Borough Council had little choice but to reject the application to build a mosque in Camberley, Surrey.

The decision to reject the application was greeted with cheers from the hundreds of people who had attended the planning meeting.

To make way for the giant mosque, the local Muslim group were intending to bulldoze the cluster of listed Victorian school buildings which currently occupy the site and which are situated within the Royal Military Academy Conservation Area.

Local residents maintained not only that the existing school buildings formed an intrinsic part of the town's traditional English heritage and should be protected, but also that the size and scale of the proposal would mean that the mosque would dominate the town and tower over the surrounding buildings.

There was also a major concern both locally and nationally that the twin 100 foot high minarettes would give clear line of sight to the parade grounds of nearby Sandhurst.

The Muslim group are sure to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate to get the decision of the town overturned. It must be remembered that the Planning Inspectorate is just another arm of the central government and is indifferent to local opinion and local democracy. The Planning Inspectorate is only there to enforce the dictates of their political masters in the Department of Communities and Local Government, the fiefdom of Hazel Blairs MP. Bearing in mind how the labour party is constantly trying to appease the muslim community and "bring them on-side", the objectors to the proposed mosque may well still have a fight on their hands.

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