Wednesday, 3 March 2010

L/Cpl Andrew Ferguson: the 'miracle of Helmand'

A Taliban bullet passing through his neck a mere 3mm from his spine isn't going to stop Lance Corporal Andrew Ferguson from rejoining his mates in the thick of it in Afghanistan.

L/Cpl Ferguson, serving with 1 R Anglian out in Helmand, was on patrol and clearing a compound of insurgents when he was hit by a sniper's bullet. Despite the near fatal injury and also under heavy fire, he carried on giving directions to his men until he was medivac'd by US helicopter to the field hospital at Camp Bastion. After emergency treatment there he was flown to Selly Oak for surgery.

That was back in December. Now, instead of being so nearly paralysed, Andrew is well on the way to making a full recovery. Already on light duties back at his base in Pirbright, he says he is now looking forward to returning to the frontline.

He's now known as 'the miracle of Helmand'; his mates tell him he should have kept his head down!

Good news, Andrew!

The Mail: The 'miracle of Helmand' soldier who survived a sniper shot - which missed his spine by fraction of an inch