Friday, 12 February 2010

Royal Anglian Regiment: Poachers win British Forces Germany boxing title

Having beaten 5 Rifles and 1PWRR in two previous rounds of the competition, the boxing team from 2 R Anglian have now gone on to beat 35 Engr Regt and become British Forces Germany champions!

Not only did the Poachers win a close, hard-fought competition (5-4) last night, they did so away from home at the Engineers' base at Paderborn.

Not satisfied with one title, the Poachers are now going to be taking on 2 Para in the semi-finals of the wider all-Army competition on 11th March at Celle, 2 R Anglian's home base in Germany.

Congratulations to the Poachers!

Good luck for 11th March!

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MoD: Boxing - British Army Website