Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Injured soldiers to become border guards?

The government is now considering whether troops who have been injured in Iraq and Afghanistan could make up a "Border Defence Regiment". The BDR is the brainchild of Immigration Minister Phil Woolas; he has yet to publish any details about his proposal.

Whilst anything that would stop the number of illegal immigrants coming into the country would be welcomed, the idea of injured soldiers guarding the Kent and Sussex beaches seems more reminiscent of the dark days of the Second World War than of today's War on Terror.

Woolas and his labour party mates are just beginning to wake up to the disaster that their open door policy on immigration has been to this country and, with the election looming, are starting to come up with all sorts of "initiatives" to repair the damage they have caused.

508 wounded soldiers were treated in field hospitals in Afghanistan in 2009 (more than the combined total for 2007 and 2008). These guys should be treated honourably not just used as some political gimmick.

Remember Phil, Joanna is watching you!

The Mail: Shambolic and unfair: Watchdog's damning verdict on immigration service after 13 years of Labour government