Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Aldershot Army Show 2010 axed

The combination of the heavy fighting in Afghanistan and cuts to defence budgets has forced bosses at the MoD to cancel this year's Aldershot Army Show.

Attracting crowds of up to 60,000, the popular annual two-day event is the biggest Army show of its kind in the country tracing its roots back over 150 years to the time of the Crimean War.

Speaking after the last year's event, Major General Kirkland said the event was an important forum where the public could have an opportunity to meet soldiers and show their support for the Army. “Britain’s Army is the army of the people and it’s key that the people get to see who the Army is. This is an opportunity for the people to come here and support the Army when they are home from operations,” he said.

However, with so many of the local garrison currently away on operations in Afghanistan, the manpower isn't available to put on the show this year - the garrison has the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards, the Queen's Own Gurkha Logistics Regiment, 4 Medical Regiment and elements of many other units deployed in Helmand.

This is also sadly another example of the MoD rolling back its National Recognition agenda.

BBC: Aldershot Army Show cancelled due to Afghanistan action