Saturday, 10 October 2009

TA closed down for six months

The labour clique which at the moment runs the country has in its wisdom decided to save twenty million quid by closing down the Territorial Army.

Not satisfied with having slashed the numbers in the TA from 57,000 to 19,000, Brown and his cronies have now called a halt to all TA training for the next six months - that's drill-hall instruction, weekend exercises and all other raining associated with the TA.

This is bound to have an impact on operations in Afghanistan as hundreds of TA soldiers routinely serve on the frontline.

The news will go down really well with the guys who give up their time to serve their country; I'm sure it's just what they wanted to hear. It's certain to encourage more volunteers to join up.

So much for "One Army".

Nice one Gordon.

BBC: Cuts force TA to cease training