Sunday, 11 October 2009

General Dannatt to advise Cameron's War Cabinet

That General Dannatt will be the military advisor to the next government is welcome news. Having a former Chief of the General Staff working on their team will mean that the government will be able to call directly on a vast amount of experience.

David Cameron has already promised that, with Britain at war, one of the first things he'll do will be to set up a War Cabinet "from minute one, hour one, day one that I walk through the door of Downing Street".

The appointment of The General will mean that someone who speaks for the soldiers on the ground will be part of that War Cabinet and in a position to influence policy. It may also mean that resources will be redirected away from grandiose projects to where they are most needed: on the frontline in Afghanistan.

For months labour ministers and MoD mandarins have been conspiring to undermine General Dannatt. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that senior labour figures should now be threatening to impose a £40,000 fine on General Dannatt in revenge for his accepting a post with the Tories.