Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Royal Anglian Regiment: Operational Honours and Awards

The Armed Forces Operational Awards List No.33 was published on 11th September. The list recognises service on operations in Afghanistan and Iraq and national operations for the period 1st October 2008 to 30th April 2009. Of the 145 members of UK Armed Forces listed, the following serve with the Royal Anglian Regiment:

OBE - Lieutenant Colonel Simon Browne MBE

MBE - Captain Richard James Bredin

MC - Staff Sergeant Brendan William Elliott

MiD - Staff Sergeant Warren Gourley
MiD - Staff Sergeant Robert Stewart McGrory

QCVS - Captain Benjamin Thomas Hawes
QCVS - Sergeant Christopher John Leach

In conjunction with this list the Chief of Joint Operations has awarded his Commendation for 'Distinguished Service in support of United Kingdom Operations' and the General Officer Commanding and Deputy Commander Operations have also awarded commendations for valued service to the following Royal Anglians:

JCC Commendation - Sergeant L J Pearce
JCC Commendation - Corporal M T Prescott
JCC Commendation - Lance Corporal D B Tanner
JCC Commendation - Private J G Tully

GOC Commendation - Captain Bennet-Madge
GOC Commendation - Major Allen
GOC Commendation - Private Moffatt
GOC Commendation - Corporal O'Leary
GOC Commendation - Staff Sergeant Tyler-Creed

DCOM Ops Commendation - Captain Poulter
DCOM Ops Commendation - Warrant Officer Class 2 Gray
DCOM Ops Commendation - Private Hewitt
DCOM Ops Commendation - Private Grantham
DCOM Ops Commendation - Corporal Rawdon
DCOM Ops Commendation - Warrant Officer Class 2 Dyson
DCOM Ops Commendation - Corporal Hart
DCOM Ops Commendation - Colour Sergeant Towe
DCOM Ops Commendation - Private Coryat
DCOM Ops Commendation - Sergeant Vendyback
DCOM Ops Commendation - Sergeant Knight
DCOM Ops Commendation - Private Marshall

Congratulations to all those receiving awards!

MoD: Operational Honours and Awards List: 11 September 2009