Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The Richmond Centre, Catterick: another Project Slam success

The Richmond Centre, a new combined Junior Ranks club and mess, has just been opened at Catterick Garrison. The complex includes a "super-diner", bar, internet café, shops and lounge and was delivered under Defence Estates' "key workstream", Project Slam (Single Living AccomModation) scheme.

As is customary these days, much of the management of the Richmond Centre and its facilities has been outsourced to number of private companies. In a similar vein, "stakeholders" (i.e. Junior Ranks) will have their meals served up in the Pay-As-You-Dine style.

Project Slam is a 10-year modernisation scheme started in 2001 with a £1billion budget. With 12,516 bedspaces already delivered by April 2009 and a further 6,000 in progress, the Project is proving a remarkable success given the MoD's track record on project management.

The Richmond Centre at Catterick sounds like a fine example of the quality facilities Project Slam aims to provide to UK Armed Forces.

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