Wednesday, 26 August 2009

government to clawback another benefit from injured troops

Having already started legal proceedings to clawback compensation paid to wounded soldiers, Defence minister Bob Ainsworth and his labour mates are now looking to further reduce the allowances paid to wounded troops by as much as £3,000 per year.

At the moment soldiers unable to work due to battlefield injuries receive an allowance of £57 per week and 12,000 veterans are currently in receipt of this additional benefit. In a bid to get back some of the £millions the MoD has squandered on its failed defence contracts, the government is planning to axe this injury benefit as from next April.

Coming at a time when British troops are suffering their highest rate of battle injuries in Afghanistan, this latest kick in the teeth from the government has been called "morally indefensible" by the chairman of the National Gulf War Veterans and Families Association.

An MoD spokesperson glibly said: "Anyone who is unhappy with the outcome of a claim has the right to appeal." And you know where that will get you; even if you win, the government will bring a lawsuit against you.

The Mail: Wounded soldiers up to £3,000 worse off a year after secret benefits axe