Saturday, 15 August 2009

Christopher Reynolds - übersniper

Corporal Christopher Reynolds, 3 SCOTS The Black Watch, notched up the longest kill in Afghanistan when he shot a Taliban commander over a mile away (1.15 miles)!

Cpl Reynolds had lain in wait for three days on a shop roof before taking out the terrorist chief called Mula. As well as distance, he had to allow for trajectory, wind and temperature before he squeezed the trigger; his gun scope was actually aiming at the top of a doorway when he fired.

His bullet hit the target in the chest. "He had been given a lead sleeping tablet. I was quite proud of that shot - it is the longest recorded kill in Afghanistan", said Cpl Reynolds. His mate said: "'He did a top job that day - but we are all sick about him going on about it and telling us what a great shot he is."

Bloody good shot, sir!

The Mail: British sniper describes moment he shot Taliban commander... from TWO KILOMETRES away