Wednesday, 1 July 2009

In Memoriam: Dave Wilkinson

Sergeant Dave Wilkinson from 19 Regiment Royal Artillery was killed in southern Afghanistan on Sunday 1st July 2007.

Sgt Wilkinson was on patrol with the Afghan National Army in Gereshk, Helmand province when his vehicle was hit by an IED.

His CO said: "Sergeant Wilkinson excelled as a soldier. Clearly passionate about his trade, he contributed widely to the Regiment and was held in the highest regard by all those who knew him; his selfless nature and wry wit made him extremely popular."

His friend Darren Lincoln said: "Having known Dave for many years, he made an impression on everyone he met. With his professionalism and friendly manner, he was liked by everyone he came into contact with. Dave, you were my work colleague but most of all you were my friend. You will be missed."

MoD:Sergeant Dave Wilkinson from 19 Regiment Royal Artillery killed in Afghanistan