Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Gen. Dannatt regrets nothing. And why should he!

In an article in today's Telegraph, head of the Army, General Sir Richard Dannatt insisted he has "no regrets" about speaking out to ensure his men were properly equipped and looked after.

During his period as Chief of the General Staff, General Dannatt has fought constantly to get the right equipment and kit to the guys fighting in Afghanistan.

So often we see generals calling foal and criticising policy only after they have retired, choosing to keep their heads down when actually in a position to do something. General Dannatt on the other hand has not shrunk from raising his concerns with the government and has at times angered labour ministers by standing up for the troops - particularly recently with his insistance that more resources be made available for the Army in Afghanistan.

One wonders how much of the improvement in kit over the last couple of years would have happened without General Dannatt's insistence that the government fulfills its obligations to the troops. We know how every £ for the Army has had to be wrung from Brown and Co and that it was probably General Dannatt who did the wringing.

Let's hope his successor takes as strong a stand as General Dannatt has.

The Telegraph: British Army head General Sir Richard Dannatt insists 'I have no regrets'