Friday, 26 June 2009

"Uniform to Work Day" in Scotland

In England businesses sometimes allow their staff a "dress down day" when uniforms are left at home and suits are swapped for jeans.

In Scotland they do things differently: today is "Uniform to Work Day" north of the border and TA soldiers have been leaving their civvies in the wardrobe and turning up for work in their Army uniforms. Employers across Scotland have supported the initiative which is intended to remind people "that the Territorial Army is 'among us' in society".

It wasn't that long ago that Armed Forces personnel were being actively discouraged from wearing their uniform in public; 10 years ago uniforms were forbidden on the streets because of the IRA threat.

It's good to see that the Honour the Covenant campaign, the initiatives that came out of the National Recognition Study and Ross Kemp have brought about a marked change in attitude both on the part of the public and of the military.

Sadly however this celebration comes on a day when many in Scotland fear that one of their regiments, the Royal Regiment of Scotland, may be about to bear the brunt of the manpower cuts thought to be being considered by the government.

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