Monday, 22 June 2009

In Memoriam: John Rigby

Corporal John Rigby from 4th Battalion The Rifles was killed in Basra, southern Iraq on Friday 22nd June 2007. Corporal Rigby died from injuries received from a roadside bomb attack while on patrol in Basra.

His CO said: "John was an exceptional man in every respect. A Battalion is a large organisation, but John was one of the strongest and most distinctive characters in 4 RIFLES. He was known and universally admired from top to bottom, and even those who did not know him soon learned to speak his name with respect.... But though we grieve for him, we also celebrate a life lived to the full with no doubts, regrets or half measures. John chose this life and he chose us."

"It is typical of him that he died protecting his Riflemen. ‘His lads’ were saved from injury by their vehicle as he selflessly provided top cover from the vehicle hatch. He died on his 24th birthday."

Lance Corporal Kevin Langstone and all the boys from B21C (Cpl Rigby's section) said: "John was an outstanding soldier, a master of all trades. The platoon will never be the same without him. He will be dearly missed. He may be gone but not forgotten."

MoD: Corporal John Rigby killed in Iraq on Friday 22 June 2007
BBC: UK soldier died on 24th birthday