Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Gen. Dannatt fears cuts in defence programmes

CGS General Sir Richard Dannatt today urged the Government not to betray Britain's Armed Forces by cutting the Defence Budget.Gen. Dannatt has fought long and hard to make sure that the guys on the front line have at last started to get the kit and equipment they need to fight the Taliban.
While continuing to press Hash Brown and Co to send out the additional troops considered necessary to wage an effective war in Afghanistan, The General has now opened up another front, this time against anticipated budget cuts.

It's being reported in today's Sun that the much heralded £multi-billion accommodation improvement programme, FRES and even medical facilities are under threat from the Treasury. The newspaper quotes The General as saying: “My biggest fear now is in the time of recession, with a real squeeze on government spending, that the extra money that has been put in will now be raided out of those programmes."

He added: “One of our catchphrases is ‘Be the Best’. Well, I think we really do have amongst the best, and it’s just a great privilege to be their leader. It’s a fine and honourable thing to be a British soldier. I think they're fantastic people. It’s also a fine and honourable thing the public has done to get behind our soldiers. They are the best supporting the best.”

Unfortunately Gen. Dannatt is retiring in August; let's hope that his successor takes as strong a line as he has when dealing with our self-serving politicians and bureaucrats.

The Sun: Hands off!