Friday, 8 May 2009

Gurkha injustice: Absolutely unbelievable

Only hours after Prudence had given Joanna Lumley assurances that the discredited criteria by which Gurkha veterans are allowed to settle in the UK would be redrafted, his Immigration Minister Phil Woolas was sending out letters turning down the applications from five Gurkhas because they failed to meet these very criteria!

For months the Labour Government has been fighting a desperate rearguard action to deny the Gurkha veterans the same rights allowed to those Commonwealth veterans who have served in the British Army.

What is particularly shameful in the machinations of HMG is that they have been going on for so long. Here you have soldiers who have fought with courageously for Britain in numerous wars around the world and yet for months the British Government have been trying to find every means possible to humiliate them.

Prudence and his merry band are too busy "maximising" their expenses to hear the public outcry against their policies of betrayal.