Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Bourne RUFC: The Joseva Lewaicei and Adam Morris Memorial Trophy match

The third annual rugby match for the "Joseva Lewaeicei and Adam Morris Trophy" took place on May 19th at Bourne in Lincolnshire between Bourne RUFC and the Royal Anglian Regiment's Poachers RUFC.
The trophy is contested in memory of Privates Joseva Lewaicei and Adam Morris of C Company, Second Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment - "The Poachers" - who died in action on Saturday 13th May 2006 when their patrol was hit by a roadside bomb on the Qarmat AH Bridge, Basra, Iraq. Only weeks before this tragedy, the Poachers rugby team played its final game before deploying to Iraq, against Bourne, where Pte Lewaicei was named man of the match.

The two teams contest this trophy annually to celebrate the life of a talented rugby player and dedicated soldier, and the comrade who died at his side.

The result of this year's match? Bourne 5 : Poachers 22

Bourne to play rugby! Born to win!

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