Saturday, 25 April 2009

Barnstable welcomes home the Commandos

Hundreds of people turned out in Barnstable, north Devon to welcome home more than 600 commandos of the Commando Logistic Regiment after their six month deployment in Helmand, Afghanistan.

Cheering locals, relatives and friends lined the streets of Barnstaple.

The regiment, made up of Royal Navy and Army personnel, lost two men, Cpl Rob Deering and Marine Damian Davies, during the six-month operation. Lt Andy Cheal, spokesman for the regiment, said: "It is so important for everyone - family, friends, colleagues and even people who didn't know our fallen comrades - to really understand that Rob and Damo will never be forgotten. This parade is as much about honouring them as everyone else."

"Every single member of the regiment was overwhelmed by the turnout we saw today. "

Well done, CLR! Well done, Barnstable!

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