Monday, 19 January 2009

US General McKiernan salutes UK Armed Forces

In a quickly drafted response to an earlier report in the Times in which it was suggested that the US military intend to sideline British forces in Afghanistan and run the whole show themselves, US General David McKiernan has issued a press release affirming his confidence in his British allies and his trust in the British general who will be heading the ISAF.
He says: "British forces have acquitted themselves exceptionally well in this theatre of operations; I have no plans for by-passing one of our most trusted partners in the mission."
"........ the British, who have been doing sterling work this winter taking the fight to the enemy and giving them no respite as they clear the Taliban from significant areas of Helmand."
He was even generous enough to offer the use of the US Army's super-bombshelter to the Brits, sorry, I mean British (you have to be so careful these days).

So, Obama multilateralism begins to replace Bush unilateralism.

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