Saturday, 24 January 2009

TA's first UN peacekeeping mission

That the Territorial Army is now part of mainstream Army operations has been further reinforced by the current six-month deployment of 32 Signals Regiment as part of the UN peacekeeping mission in Cyprus. This is the first time that the TA has been deployed independently on a UN operation.234 troops from 28 different TA units have been brought together into 32 Signals Regiment Group and will be guarding and patrolling the Green Line which separates the Greek- and Turkish-controlled areas of the island.
Lieutenant Colonel Jenkins, CO 32 Signals Regiment Group, said: "This TA deployment is a first. The reservist soldiers themselves have actually proven to bring a lot more to the mission; they are mature and have approached things in a slightly different light than their regular counterparts."
Sergeant Mark Pool sais: "For the TA to get this tour in Cyprus, it has been marvellous. It's a way of us proving that we can come together as a coherent unit and achieve exactly the same as a regular unit."

MoD: Cyprus operation is TA's first ever UN mission