Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Job well done: CGS & Defence Sec. praise UK forces

Both the military and political heads of the Army have been heaping praise this week on the work done by Britain's Armed Forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.
In his speech to the Institute for Public Policy Research on Monday, the CGS, General Sir Richard Dannatt spoke proudly of the work of the British forces in Iraq:
"The British Army and the British Armed Forces have played a leading role in the creation of a capable and impressive indigenous Iraqi fighting force, building two Iraqi Divisions who have been well tested and have achieved significant success deployed both in Baghdad and Basra".
Recognising the increased public support for the Armed Forces, the General said: "The increase in public support that we have seen over the past year is both welcome and very humbling - but I would urge the public to not only show generous support to our troops, but also recognise the worth of being a British Soldier ...... it is indeed my contention that it is a fine and honourable thing to be a British Soldier".
Too right, General!

On the political front, Defence Secretary John Hutton visited UK forces in Helmand, Afghanistan. He thanked the servicemen and women who had taken part in the very successful Operation Sond Chara over Christmas. The operation had caught the Taliban completely off-guard, drove hundreds of them out of their stronghold and liberated thousands of local Afghans from the Taliban's reign of terror.
Mr Hutton said: "Only a few weeks ago the town of Nad-e-Ali was a Taliban stronghold and no-go area. The very fact that I am able to see first hand the progress which has been made is testament to the bravery of UK forces and their determination to take the fight to the Taliban.... UK troops are making a real difference in Afghanistan. They are fighting for freedom and democracy in the towns and villages of Afghanistan to prevent the export of hatred and terrorism back to the UK."

You can add my thanks to theirs, lads!

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