Wednesday, 21 January 2009

In Memoriam: Michael Tench

Private Michael Tench, aged 18, of 2nd Battalion The Light Infantry, was killed in Iraq on Sunday 21st january 2007. Private Tench died from injuries received from an IED whilst on patrol in Basra.
His Company Commander, Major Andrew Ward, said: "He had the exemplary character that we have come to expect from the British Infantryman: he was tough, resilient, liked a laugh, cheeky, but above all a professional. What struck me most about Michael was that he was 'up for it' and there was no job too tough."
A friend from A Company said: "Tenchy was a great lad, one of the boys and always up for a laugh. He loved boxing and even taught me and a few others to box in his spare time: he was like that, he would put himself out for his friends. He prided himself in his fitness and he wouldn't accept second best – we were always in the top five runners in the Company. We're all gutted that Tenchy's gone – my sympathy is with his family."

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