Friday, 16 January 2009

Good luck in your new job, John! 

John Reid, one of the series of disastrous Labour Defence Secretaries, has just landed himself a cushy £50,000-a-year part-time consultancy job with G4S Security Services, the largest private security contractor in the world.After Reid quit as Defence Secretary, G4S won a lucrative MoD contract to provide training to British Army units heading for Iraq and Afghanistan.
G4S also provides armed security for the British Embassy in Kabul as well as protection for all UK Government personnel. MP Angus Robertson, describing Reid’s appointment as "totally inappropriate", said: "Entering the war in Iraq was the worst UK foreign policy decision in living memory. Our brave troops have had to pay the price of an illegal conflict and now it appears former Defence Secretaries are reaping personal financial rewards".

I'm sure the guys on the frontline will want to wish John the best of luck in his new job!

The Mail: John 'without a shot being fired' Reid's £50,000 Iraq security job