Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Arctic race for Help for Heroes

The Help For Heroes campaign has now raised £16million for injured British servicemen and women - an amazing achievement! Individuals and organisations around the country continue to find ingenious and challenging ways to attract the public's attention and raise yet more much-needed cash for the fund.

Regimental Sergeant Major Billy Morris and Sergeant Major Mark Morgan have thought up the idea of having a race.....in the Arctic. They're going to take part in Canada's annual Arctic Race to raise money for H4H. The race is over two days and covers 100 miles of snowy wasteland. To make it just a bit more difficult the guys will also be pulling loads withing 120kg. Oh, and the termperature will be -35degrees.
Mark said: “We don’t expect to stop for sleep so it’s going to be a real challenge — but it’s a good way to raise money to help a great cause.”

Good luck, guys.......and don't forget to pack your thermals!

The Sun: Arctic aid to Heroes charity