Saturday, 17 January 2009

Action Man: MoD style

The US Army may well be wooing young Americans with high-tech video and xBox games (see below) but here in the UK we do things differently, in a more traditional sort of way. In a bid to raise the profile of Britain's Armed Forces and also to raise a bit of much needed cash to fill the MoD's empty coffers, HM Armed Forces Ltd is launching a new and updated version of the Action Man toys of the 1960s.When Army chiefs gave their endorsement to the brand they were hoping that the highly-detailed figures will capture the imagination of a new generation of children.

The soldier figure wears an exact miniature of the desert camouflage combat clothing, boots, body armour, SA-80A2 assault rifle and Personal Role Radio in use with British troops in Afghanistan. The toys will go on sale from May 8th to coincide with VE Day.This venture represents the MoD's latest foray into the commercial world, after the cash-strapped RAF last year launched a range of branded products including bikinis, duvet covers, sunglasses and watches.
The MoD insists that the toy project was intended more to raise the Forces' profile than to give a desperately-needed boost to the Forces' coffers at a time of severe financial crisis.
I wonder what the pc brigade will be saying.

The Telegraph: Ministry of Defence launches 'Action Man'