Thursday, 7 August 2008

PARAS 10: 'P' Company challenge the general public

To mark the first time since WW2 that all four of the Parachute Regiment's battalions have deployed on operations in the same theatre at the same time (in Afghanistan), Pegasus Company, the Parachute Regiment's selection wing, has revived its annual 10-mile race.
This year however there is a major difference. In line with the recommendations which have come out of the National Recognition Study, the Paras have opened the event to the general public.
There will be two races: a 10-mile run to be completed in the fastest time and the much tougher 'P' Company Challenge. This second run matches one of the core physical selection tests for entry into the Parachute Regiment with entrants following a gruelling 10 mile route carrying a bergen (rucksack) weighing 35lbs.
The event is open to anyone over 17 and will take place at Catterick Garrison on Sunday 14th September.

So, come and have a go if you think you're fit enough!

Link> PARAS 10
Link> Army.MoD: The Parachute Regiment