Monday, 25 August 2008

Northwood HQ: New SLA units - Service Level Agreement met

Last week saw the handover of a new accommodation block for junior ranks at the Northwood HQ in Hertfordshire. The Single Living Accommodation (SLA) block consists of 148 ensuite bedrooms complete with TV, Internet and phone services. On each floor kitchens, utility rooms and common rooms have been provided to "enhance the comfort for all residents".
This is the latest phase in an £880 million project which has already seen the delivery of 199 new senior ranks SLA units; a further 131 SLA units for junior ranks are due later in the year. Northwood is not only the UK’s national operational defence headquarters but it is also the Permanent Joint HQ of the Chief of Joint Operations and a NATO Headquarters; quite an important place I guess.
The Northwood Development Project, which will refurbish and build both residential and non-residential buildings, is a joint Private Finance Initiative (PFI) venture between the MoD and Carillion PLC and HSBC Infrastructure Fund Management and is planned to extend over the next 25 years (that's according to the MoD; Carillion thinks its only a five year project). This development is another example of the MoD delivering on its promissed £8.4billion programme for the refurbishment of the country's military housing stock.
Commodore Eric Fraser, Assistant Chief of Staff at the Permanent Joint Headquarters (PJHQ), said: "Our soldiers, sailors and airmen deserve a good standard of accommodation and I am delighted we are now providing a standard fit for military personnel in the 21st century." Too right, Eric.

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