Sunday, 10 August 2008

New rations: the result of expert feedback

Emperor Napoleon insisted that his Grande Armée was provisioned with the best rations available (not that much was available during its return from Moscow), remarking famously that an army marches on its stomach. Despite this well-established military principle, two hundred years later our own royal soldier, Prince Harry, was slagging off the 'miserable' rations given to frontline troops. I think I read that Harry acquired a taste for goat cuisine when out in the wilds of Afghanistan. The situation was so dire that he even suggested that Jammy Oliver be called in to sort it out.
But it shows what a Royal shouting in your ear can do because melting biscuits and monotonous meals are soon to be replaced by new multi-climate, multi-cultural, multi-menu ration packs suitable for today's soldier on today's battlefield. The new ration packs are not only the result of extensive dietary research but also reflect the feedback received from food tasting panels made up of experts in the field: the soldiers themselves.
Judging by its contents, the pack looks heavier than the old ones; but then it's all done for the best possible taste. It also looks like there's a packet of Quaker Oats in the box - oat cuisine, then.

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