Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Catterick's £350m regeneration scheme

Five firms are in the running for a £350m deal to regenerate Catterick Garrison town centre in North Yorkshire. The deal is part of Defence Estates' £1bn expansion of Catterick Garrison over the next 20 years, which will see another five battalions added and the army population swell to 25,000.
The development is seen as not only improving the military establishment but also making a considerable contribution to the civilian environment. It addition to 184 new homes, the development will include a health centre, shops, offices, an 84-bed hotel and leisure facilities. The first phase of regeneration is expected to start in January 2010
"It is important that for the 21st Century we achieve a well balanced community for both military and civilian residents and that these developments enhance the town’s image as one based on firm principles of sustainability," said Robert Manners, principle estate surveyor for Defence Estates.
Catterick is the Army's largest garrison and has a long military history dating back to 80AD when the Romans set up a camp at Cataratonium, near the race course - about time the place was modernised.

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