Thursday, 1 May 2008

Sgt Stu Pearson, who lost a leg in Afghanistan, now loses disability benefits

18 months ago paratrooper Stu Pearson had his leg blown off while fighting for his country in Afghanistan. In return he was given the Queen's Gallantry Medal, a paltry £61,000 in compensation, £352 a month disability allowance and a disabled parking badge for his car. Now he has been told that he is to lose his allowance and car badge because staff at the Department of Work and Pensions say that with his artificial leg he is no longer eligible.
What a ******* insult. Lets hope that Minister for the Disabled Anne McGuire and Defence Secretary Des Browne do what they promise and sort this mess out and hopefully sack the idiot who made such an unbelievable decision.

Link> The Sun: Maimed para's benefits stripped
Link> The Telegraph: Mine victims to return to the frontline

Update: Forget Anne McGuire, having professed to have "a huge regard for all our soldiers" and to be "sorry to hear about Mr Pearson's injuries", can now only say "it is possible that Mr Pearson's circumstances have changed. If this is the case officials would be happy for him to reapply and have his mobility re-assessed."..... Officials would be HAPPY for him to reapply! What a load of comedians!