Friday, 2 May 2008

Royal Anglian Regiment: Heroes honoured

At an investiture ceremony yesterday at Buckingham Palace the Queen honoured four members of the Royal Anglian Regiment for their bravery and service during the Regiment's deployment in Afghanistan last year.
Lt Col Stuart Carver, commanding officer of the 1st battalion, received the Distinguished Service Order (DSO) for the way he led his troops. He was joined by Cpl Robert "Billy" Moore, of Southend in Essex and Major Dominic Biddick, of Leicester, both of whom received the Military Cross (MC). The fourth Helmand hero to be honoured was Capt David Hicks who was also awarded the MC but who sadly was killed in action.
Lt Col Carver said yesterday was a "proud and emotional" day, during which their minds were never far from the families of the nine 1st Battalion soldiers who died during the bloody tour. He added: "It was a proud day. Personally I see the award very much as recognition of the whole battalion's efforts. You cannot give a medal to all 700 members of the battalion, but my medal is to recognise them all. I'm immensely proud of them all. That feeling hasn't diminished over time. The real test of our work will come this summer. I look back and see that we made a huge difference to the overall campaign. I'm not saying we won it, but we changed the mindset from being defensive to taking the fight to the Taliban".

Congratulations The Vikings, Heroes of Helmand!