Saturday, 17 May 2008

Petition to remove ATM charges for Service personnel

A petition has been launched by Support our Soldiers to urge the banks and the Government to remove the charges for withdrawing cash from ATMs at military camps.
Many new recruits and other serving personnel unable to leave their barracks are having to pay as much as £2.50 to withdraw their hard earned wages. The introduction of the Pay As You Dine scheme - the privatisation of the army cookhouse - hasn't helped either as soldiers need to access their bank accounts to get the cash out to pay for a meal thereby adding £2.50 to its cost.
The Government has already introduced free cash withdrawals from ATMs in 'underprivileged areas'. If you think they should be doing the same for service personnel, sign the petition on the link below.

Link> e-Petitions: ATM Charge Removal