Friday, 30 May 2008

New Centre for Defence Enterprise

The MoD's new Centre for Defence Enterprise opened yesterday at Harwell. Located at the intellectual and entrepreneurial hub of the country close to London, Oxford and Cambridge, the Centre is designed to become the hotbed for innovation and technological development in the military arena or as the MoD puts it: the first point of contact for anyone with a disruptive technology, new process or innovation that has a potential defence application. The Centre acts as a gateway between the outside world and the Ministry of Defence (MOD), bringing together innovation and investment for the defence market, ensuring that our front-line forces have the best battle-winning technologies for the future.
This portal between alien worlds and the MoD or - "StargateUK" as it has come to be called - will enable the Brains to get the Cash (and vice versa) to develop gadgets and gizmos currently only seen on the deck of the Starship Enterprise.
One of the first challenges for the Centre is to come up with ways of reducing the weight of soldiers' personal kit - now that's the sort thing which will be very popular - and it's being looked at first!
Link> MoD: Centre of Defence Enterprise