Monday, 26 May 2008

Army takes delivery of 500th upgraded Bulldog

500 of the Army's 900 FV430 Mk 2 Bulldogs have now been upgraded to provide frontline troops with greater protection.
The £235 million project, which is being carried out by the Defence Support Group and BAE Systems, will provide the Bulldog Armoured Personnel Carriers with new engines transmission and other systems giving them greater speed and reliability. Those vehicles being shipped immediately to the frontline will also receive improved armour, a remotely operated machine gun and other equipment for greater protection.
The MoD has come in for a lot of criticism for the inadequacy of the protection afforded to troops by the Army's armoured vehicles. Let's hope that the upgraded Bulldogs do may a big difference and are not just a patched-up compromise. That the MoD is saying that these Armoured Personnel Carriers are being well received by the troops on the ground is a good sign.