Sunday, 27 April 2008

Manchester students seek to ban Armed Forces

The University of Manchester Students Union are to vote at their General Meeting next week on a proposal to ban the Armed Forces from union premises and from setting up recruiting stalls at careers fairs. The proposal has been put forward by Andy Cunningham, the union's Campaign Officer (sounds a bit militaristic to me), who also wants to sever the union's links with the University's Officer Training Corps. Supporters say it is "unacceptable" for the military to recruit young people to fight in "massively unpopular" wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
These left-wing activists seem to have failed to understand that it is their nuLabour Party which is sending the troops out to fight these wars. Like the teachers, these naive students also fail to differentiate between the Armed Forces, who serve our country, preserve our freedoms and protect our citizens from terrorists, and government which determines policy. No doubt they'll still be voting for Brown and Co. in the next elections, though.

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