Monday, 3 March 2008

Coldstream Guards in action - MoD PR success

It's good to see that the Ministry of Defence has started publishing detailed accounts of what British troops are doing on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq. Not only are these reports interesting in themselves, they also enable us to appreciate the work the guys are doing and what they are actually achieving out there. The British media tends to focus on the doom and gloom stuff and skirts round or ignores the good things that are being accomplished and the successes that are being won.
This sort of positive coverage coming from the MoD can only serve to improve the public's perception of the Armed Forces, value what the guys are doing and galvanise support behind them.

Link> MoD: Coldstream Guards take on the Taliban in Helmand's Green Zone: Part 1
Link> MoD: "It's a game of cat and mouse" - Coldstream Guards take on the Taliban: Part 2

"Morale is most high when they get back from fighting the Taliban," concluded Maj Charles. "When you watch a patrol coming in, there's a big smile on everyone's faces. It's what they trained for and they really love it."