Sunday, 3 February 2008

British Veterans Recognition Card

For a long time veterans in the US, Canada and Australia have been receiving discounts from many businesses when they show their official veteran's ID card. No such ID was available in the UK. But now through the efforts of two ex-servicemen, bomb disposal expert Major David Hopps and Major Simon Lamb of the Royal Anglian Regiment, a similar scheme has been introduced into the UK.
For a small annual fee anyone who has served in the British Armed Forces can apply for a British Veterans Recognition Card. Already a number of British companies have signed up to the scheme and are providing discounts on a range of goods and services both in the UK and abroad. Some examples of these are BSM, Butlins, Virgin, Vauxhall and Dollond & Aitchison. These discounts are not charity but are given as a mark of respect and appreciation for the service the veterans have given to their country. Lets hope that a lot more companies (BP for example) follow suit and join the scheme.
Full details can be found at the British Veterans website

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